General Theory

The Law of Conservation of Direction


Some students of the Reciprocal System (RS) have been disputing the explanation of the intrinsic structure of the photons, given by Larson, the originator of the RS. No amount of discussion, so far, seemed to throw additional light in overcoming the logical objections raised. An examination of the situation undertaken by the present investigator revealed that a crucial fact of fundamental nature is being missed hitherto, both by the originator and the other students.

The Inter-Regional Ratio


The Interregional ratio is an important concept discovered in the development of the Reciprocal System of theory. The works of Larson—notably, Nothing But Motion and The Structure of the Physical Universe—are to be referred to for an explanation of the origin and significance of this ratio. This paper only attempts to clarify the factors involved in its calculation, as applied to the basic properties of matter.

Updated Values for Unit Space and Unit Time

Reciprocity XXIV, #2 (Autumn, 1995), p. 12.

The basis of measurement in the Reciprocal System of theory requires an accurate measurement of unit space and unit time.

These values were computed by Dewey B. Larson back in 1959 from the speed of light and the Rydberg frequency of hydrogen.1



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