The Wave Mechanics in the Light of the Reciprocal System

One of the large areas to which the Reciprocal System is yet to be applied in detail is spectroscopy. The need is all the more urgent as vast wealth of empirical data is available here in great detail and a general theory must explain all the aspects. To be sure, this was one of the earlier areas which Larson1 explored. But he soon found out, he writes, that there were complications too many and too involved that he decided to postpone the investigation until more basic ground was developed by studying other areas.

The Law of Conservation of Direction


Some students of the Reciprocal System (RS) have been disputing the explanation of the intrinsic structure of the photons, given by Larson, the originator of the RS. No amount of discussion, so far, seemed to throw additional light in overcoming the logical objections raised. An examination of the situation undertaken by the present investigator revealed that a crucial fact of fundamental nature is being missed hitherto, both by the originator and the other students.

Birotation and the Doubts of Thomas

Reciprocity XXI #1, Spring, 1992

This is a response to Thomas Kirk’s article in Reciprocity, XX (3), p. 14.

The Photon as Birotation

Reciprocity XXV, No. 3, Winter, 1998-1997

Glimpses Into the Structure of the Sun, Part I:The Nature of Stellar Matter

1. Introduction

Larson has discussed the development of the Reciprocal System of Physical Theory to a great extent in his two works, Nothing But Motion1 and The Universe of Motion,2 the latter work especially dealing with the astronomical applications. Stars are the basic building blocks of the large-scale universe. As such, the knowledge of their internal constitution and dynamics constitutes an important step in the understanding of the macroscopic universe. Larson developed the general structure and the details of evolution of the stars of various types.2 The detailed study of their internal structure has not yet been carried out in the context of the Reciprocal System. Therefore, such a study was taken up as an initial attempt to fill this gap and some of the results obtained are reported herein.

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