Library Status

I am in the process of converting the old HTML files into the "book" format on the site. Once the books are entered here, they are fully searchable in the "Search this site" box. I have at least the Prefix for each book on the site now, and am working to convert the text and images for the remaining books.


  • Beyond Newton
  • Nothing But Motion
  • The Neglected Facts of Science
  • The Case Against the Nuclear Atom
  • New Light on Space and Time
  • Universe of Motion
  • Road to Full Employment
  • Basic Properties of Matter
  • Structure of the Physical Universe
  • Quasars and Pulsars (Needs proofreading, better figures and formatting)
  • Beyond Space and Time

In Progress:

  • Road to Permanent Prosperity (Completed through Chapter 10 of 26)

There are also a very large number of articles pending conversion, by Dewey Larson and others. I am roughing them out into basic categories under the "Articles" menu, as time permits.

There are also 5 video tutorials, converted to flash from Powerpoint presentations that were done and narrated by Gopi Krishna, which are a good starting place for the new RS student. The "ISUS Introduction" is a Powerpoint presentation done by Phil Porter for the Hyderabad, India conference, and gives some background on Dewey Larson and ISUS.

The "DBL 1978 Speech" is the only video we have of Dewey Larson, who is giving his keynote address to the members of what was "NSA" (now ISUS). Rare, black&white footage.


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Thanks to the assistance of Bob Tucek, I have completed Beyond Space and Time as an eBook--first time out on the web! Fully searchable from the main search bar.

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