Multi-Dimensional Space-Time

The Theoscientist, Bhubaneswar, India, Dec. 2002—Feb. 2003, pp. 1—10

Language, Experience and Illusion

[Originally published in The Theosophist, (June 1993, pp. 339—345) under the title “Language, the Slayer of the Real.” The article is revised (1998) and adopted for Reciprocity since it brings to light some of the epistemological difficulties that beset the dissemination of a new basic paradigm as in the case of the Reciprocal System.]


Crossing the Quantum Boundary: A Phenomenon of the Astral Plane?


In this short article the author makes the case that Dewey Larson's assertion of space and time as fundamentally quantized is an equal contribution to his much better known "motion as the sole constituent of the physical universe." In addition, the phenomena of boundary crossing, required by all quantum concepts, is shown to be a process of much under-appreciated complexity and importance. Finally the author speculates that crossing the quantum boundary may be a phenomena of the "Astral Plane."

Dreams, Symbolism, and Allegory: The Effect of Life Units on Circulating Memory

Reciprocity XXV, #3 (Winter, 1996), p. 27.

"…it seems highly probable that the psychic and the physical are not two independent parallel processes, but are essentially connected thru reciprocal action, although the actual nature of this relationship is still completely outside our experience."9

—Carl G. Jung

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